Finance Department

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The Finance Department of the City of Glenpool consists of the City Treasurer who also serves as the Director of Finance, the Accounts Receivable/Payroll Clerk, and the Finance Clerk/Administrative Assistant.


The City of Glenpool Finance Department manages the financial operations to ensure that funds are spent in accordance with all federal and state laws, local ordinances, and governmental accounting principles.

The Finance Department also coordinates and administers the annual operating and capital budget, oversees the preparation of the annual audit, invests cash reserves, manages the city’s investments, administers long-term financing for large purchases and projects and process payments.


Inside the City limits of Glenpool, the sales tax is 9.967%. Of this, Tulsa County receives 0.367%, the State of Oklahoma receives 4.5%, and the City of Glenpool receives 5.1%.

The City of Glenpool has four major tax categories.

  • Franchise tax is 5%
  • Hotel/Motel tax is 5%
  • Use tax is 4%
  • Sales tax at 5.1%

Sales Tax is the largest single revenue source for the General Fund and the City. The 5.1% sales tax levy is divided between various funds as authorized by voters as shown in the table below:

City Sales Tax Levy




General Fund

Permanent tax which funds general operations of the City


Capital projects/Debt service

Temporary tax effective through April 1, 2041 for capital improvements and debt service


Public Safety Personnel

Permanent tax which funds some police and fire personnel


Streets & Infrastructure

Temporary tax effective through December 31, 2036 for capital improvements and economic development


Public Safety Capital

Temporary tax effective through December 31, 2036 for public safety needs such as police vehicles, fire trucks, building improvements and other equipment



No Property Taxes Received

The City of Glenpool does not receive any property taxes. The property taxes are distributed amongst the County and School District entities. View the Millage Breakdown (PDF). View the Tulsa County Assessor’s Office website for more information regarding Glenpool property taxes, including a tax estimate calculator.